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Bumper Covers remanufactures OEM bumpercovers. We do this for 50 to 75% of the cost for a new cover. Our covers fit exactly because they are original. No cutting, twisting or bending.
When you get our cover, it comes fully primed and ready for paint. You just have to scotch pad the cover with a red or grey scotchbrite, blow it off , paint it and install it. You're DONE! There is no need to seal it or solvent wipe it. The result is that you save time and money on paint, materials and labor.
The primer has been thoroughly tested with all the major brands of paint: PPG, Sikkens, Dupont and Sherwin Williams.
Remember, We guarantee the bumper for life!
To compare our O.E.M. bumper cover prices to new OEM bumper cover prices, call us at 1-954-348-4504 or visit our Product Pages.

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